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Our Roots

Operated by a retired Special Forces veteran with over two decades of very honorable active military and civilian service. Teaching, training or conducting operational missions on multiple different continents. 

Private investigators are expected to handle all cases ethically and professionally, while maintaining sound judgment and confidentiality. An effective private investigator possesses the experience, skills and tenacity it takes to pursue a case in its entirety. Often, these investigators have continued their education through advanced training courses and are willing to go above and beyond in order to get the job done.

Evolving from a Special Operations background, this ethos of “never quit” attitude is paramount when it comes to persevering to accomplish the mission without compromising the integrity of the investigation, the client, nor the company. The ability to think outside the box and see options that others may not see has been born and honed from this experience.  Special Operations encourages its warriors to make bold and daring decisions to accomplish their missions.  However, the decisions are not reckless.  Special Operations warriors quickly weigh the benefits and risks of a decision using their advanced skills and cultural knowledge.


This climate and culture has brought us through various interaction with governmental organizations, foreign nations forces and their leaders. This experience has made us realize that our skills can continue to be put to use by staying true to the Special Forces motto, “De Oppresso Liber”. This phrase in Latin is considered to mean “to free from oppression” or “to liberate the oppressed”.  

Many private investigators have decades of prior experience, including careers in law enforcement and the specific niches of the military. While experience is undoubtedly important, it is not the only measure of success. Investigators are expected to handle cases swiftly and efficiently. As a result, the most effective private investigators are skilled in time management. Client satisfaction is directly correlated to an investigator’s ability to make him or herself available to the client 24/7. 

While private investigators are not officially bound by the same confidentiality agreements as attorneys or doctors, a good private investigator will honor this. An effective private investigator maintains strict levels of confidentiality in all interactions. Furthermore, he or she should have a confidentiality policy in place and must be willing to articulate the steps that have been taken in order to ensure your confidentiality and your confidence. 

If at any point you have not had your expectations met by others, you need to contact us for a free consultation to see the difference our services can make. 

Our company has worked for Insurance Firms, Hospitals, Doctors, Attorneys, Actors, and have assisted with those in the film industry. We have even assisted Law Enforcement and Federal Agencies. We are proud to serve you in the same professional manner as everyone else requesting assistance.

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